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The Best Reel Mowers Reviews & Buyers Guide of September 2023

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  Sep 27, 2023 9:49 AM

Occasionally, the simplest lawn equipment is the best. You do not need an expensive gas or electric lawn mower to maintain a clean lawn. A reel mower embodies simplicity, serenity, and nostalgia. 

The design and usability harken back to a period when the fundamentals were all that counted, not the bells and whistles. Why not use a grass-cutting method that is quiet and environmentally friendly?

This post will examine the best reel mowers for your yard. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but all are good solutions for maintaining a well-kept lawn and healthy grass. We'll assist you in selecting the greatest reel mower, ensuring that your lawn is pristine and lush throughout the season.

Top Picks

Read this SfCutters article carefully to choose the Best Reel Mowers products for your needs

1. Best Overall: Great States Push Lawn Mower


You can get a lot of use out of the Great States, and it could be the most affordable push mower overall. We liked how easy it was to use and maintain. The American Lawn Company has been around for almost 120 years, and they take great pride in making durable, reliable reel mowers.

This mower has a cutting width of 14 inches and a reel with five blades that spins on a ball bearing. There's a range of 1.5 inches for the cutting height. The blades may be sharpened as needed and are composed of a heat-treated alloy steel that keeps its edge for longer. In addition to leaving behind a well-manicured lawn, its simple grass-cutting and silky spinning motions have other benefits.

Pushing is a breeze because of the T-shaped handle's cushioned grip. The reel has a protective coating of tough enamel, and the handle is zinc-plated to prevent corrosion. The large, 8.5-inch solid rubber wheels on this lawnmower make it easy to push through the grass despite its 21-pound weight.


  • Those big, sturdy rubber tires

  • Lightweight

  • It's a simple button to press.

  • Ergonomic T-shaped grip

  • The coating is a hard enamel.

  • Easy construction


  • Unique grass-gathering apparatus

  • Limited slicing width

2. Best Value: Push Lawn Mower by American Lawn Mower Co.


Since its founding in 1895, this firm has focused on making its reel mowers simpler to use and maintain. This reel mower features a 14-inch cutting width and a ball-bearing reel with five blades. The blades are tempered alloy steel that may be sharpened as necessary.

It offers a cutting height adjustment of 0.5 to 1.75 inches, which is a reasonable range, if a little limited. The rear-roller bar aids in maintaining balance, and the ergonomic T-shaped grip makes navigating obstacles simpler.

This reel mower's 21-pound weight and 8.5-inch composite wheels make it easy to push. As with the other reel mowers on the list, it is simple and tool-free to construct. A grass catcher is available for separate purchase and has a one-year guarantee.


  • Five blades

  • Temperature-treated blades

  • The blade's height is adjustable

  • Rear roller bar

  • T-style handle

  • Significant composite wheel

  • Lightweight


  • Narrow slicing width

  • Grass catcher distinct

3. Best Durable: Outdoor Scotts Push Reel Lawnmower


Here is a second reel mower that you may like to consider. It has many characteristics that distinguish it from the other reel mowers on our list. When comparing models, the price difference will also become apparent. This 34-pound reel mower is substantial.

20 inches is one of the widest cutting widths available. With a ball-bearing reel, there are five alloy blades that have been heat-treated. The blades are sharp and capable of cutting the grass cleanly in a single pass. On the reel, the height may be quickly adjusted from one to three inches using a quick-snap mechanism. This additional cutting depth enables you to go longer between mowings.

It contains twin tracking wheels, which means this reel has four wheels. The 6-inch rear wheels and 10-inch front wheels improve the mower's mobility and minimize dragging, making it simpler to push.


  • Large slitting width

  • Five blades

  • Temperature-treated blades

  • Steel handle

  • Dual steered wheels

  • Loop-style handle

  • Simple assembly

  • Rapid height adjustment


  • Heavy

  • Non-adjustable handle

4. Best Design: Fiskars 6208 Push Lawn Mower


The blades of the Fiskars reel mower are shielded by a protective cover, and the grass is thrown forward rather than behind the reel. This function is useful if you dislike getting grass on your feet.

A stay-sharp cutting technology lowers the frequency with which the blades must be sharpened. The design prevents the blades from coming into touch with one another, minimizing cutting resistance and friction.

The five-bladed reel has a larger diameter and its blades are thicker. The height is easily adjustable from one to four inches, providing it the greatest cutting height of all the reels on our list. The breadth of the blade is 17 inches.

The Fiskars reel mower is the heaviest at 40,2 pounds, which may make it tough to push on uneven terrain or hills, but the loop-style padded grip will help. It is simple to put together, features twin tracking wheels, and comes with a three-year guarantee. For this model, a grass catcher may be bought separately.


  • Thicker and broader blades

  • Non-contact blades

  • Five blades

  • The grass is thrown forward.

  • Superior cutting height

  • 17-inch width for cutting

  • Simple assembly


  • Heavy

  • Grass catcher distinct

5. Best Quality: Earthwise 1715-16 Walk-Behind Lawnmower


This reel mower has seven blades (the others on our list have been five-blade models). The additional blades on this reel make it ideal for cutting Bermuda and St. Augustine grass. It includes a 16-inch cutting breadth, a ball-bearing reel, and blades made of alloy steel.

The adjustable cutting height goes from 0.5 to 2.5 inches, which is advantageous for those who wish to mow their grass more often. The 10-inch composite wheels and drag-roller on the rear of this 26-pound lawnmower make it easy to handle and maintain balance.

The T-handle has a nice, padded grip, and a grass collector is available separately. The roller bars seemed to lock up easily and not perform as planned. The seven-blade machines are somewhat louder than the five-blade variants, but not as loud as a gas-powered mower. It requires no tools for assembly and comes with a two-year guarantee.


  • Seven blades

  • sixteen inch cutting width

  • Large wheels

  • Lightweight

  • T-lever with grips

  • Simple assembly


  • Reduced cutting height

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Buying Guide

There are several considerations to make while searching for the ideal reel mower. When selecting a reel mower for your lawn, you must consider its efficacy, cost, ease of maintenance, and cost. Here is a simple guide to help you choose a dependable, lawn-friendly reel mower.

Dimensions of Your Grass

Again, reel mowers are appropriate for small to medium-sized lawns. This is because the typical cutting width of these mowers is between 14 and 20 inches. The chore of pushing them over a vast lawn will be quite laborious.


The usefulness of the best reel mower will be rapidly shown on the grass. Choosing a manual mower instead of an electric one reduces carbon emissions. It also reduces the significant risk of tearing and shredding the grass.

A good reel mower needs to have the right cutting height and strong blades to work well on different types of grass.


The best reel mowers provide exceptional cutting power at a reasonable cost. Typically, inexpensive versions cost little more than $70, and quality models cost over $200. However, the most significant financial advantage of reel mowers is that, after the first purchase, they are almost free. No gasoline expenses or replacement costs are included.


Reel mowers are primarily designed for cutting short grass. Therefore, you may encounter restrictions while cutting grass higher than 4 inches. Initially, you will need to traverse a number of passes. However, subsequent lawn care is often simple.

Keep in mind, however, that owing to their manual nature, even the finest reel mowers are only suitable for small or medium-sized lawns of less than 3000 square feet. Anything bigger requires an electric, gas, or ride-on mower.


An advantage of a reel mower is that it is far less expensive than gas- or electric-powered mowers. The majority of them cost less than $200 and have no maintenance or operational expenditures. A reel mower is a true one-time purchase for the garden.


The major advantage of a reel mower is that it requires no maintenance. It requires no gasoline, thus no oil changes, charging, refilling, or replacement components are necessary. Simply sharpen the blades once every couple of years.


1. How tough is it to push a reel mower?

Perhaps not necessary. While it is true that reel mowers are manually operated and depend only on muscular strength, they are also much lighter than rotary mowers. It takes some work to get the machine moving, but once it starts, momentum should carry you.

2. How is the operation of a reel mower different from that of a rotary mower?

A reel mower acts similarly to a pair of scissors, cutting the grass precisely as it rolls over it. A rotary mower uses suction to straighten the grass, followed by a fast-moving blade to cut it off. The rotary mower is more effective, but this kind of mowing might harm your grass and cause your lawn to dry out.

3. How frequently should the blades on my reel mower be sharpened?

Reel mowers do not need sharpening as often as rotary mowers, although the frequency of sharpening varies depending on various variables, including the state of the yard and the frequency of usage. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for the suggested sharpening regimen. 

Typically, estimates will range from once every year to once every eight years. But everything hinges on when the blades get dull. If your reel mower is not functioning as well as it once did, it may be time to sharpen its blades.


With the right reel mower, you can cut the grass in an eco-friendly way and keep your lawn healthy.

A push mower may be less stressful than a rotary power mower because it doesn't need much maintenance, makes little noise, and uses modern technology to cut grass well. You or your teen can get a light workout while cutting a lawn of the right size.

Using SfCutters's guide to the best reel mowers, choose the perfect model by considering the cutting width and height, the kind of grass, and the size of your yard. If you take care of your push mower, it will serve you well for many years.

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