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Best Outdoor Natural Gas Grills: Best Deal for you

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  Sep 26, 2023 7:10 AM

Everyone enjoys food cooked on an outdoor grill, whether it's due to the mix of backyard gatherings and summertime activities or the primordial excitement of cooking over an open fire.

How, therefore, do you locate the Best Outdoor Natural Gas Grills? Making a decision can be difficult because today's ovens have more bells and whistles than you can swing a sauce mop at. You've come to the proper place if you're looking for a new model or replacement model on the market.

Top Picks

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This tough grill, which has a painted finish and is made of superior stainless steel and die-cast aluminum, will survive for more than ten years. Broil King uses dual stainless steel tube burners with two rows of flames each in this design to distribute heat evenly. The grills are manufactured from 9mm stainless steel bars, which have outstanding heat retention qualities and are sturdy and long-lasting.

It is simple to adjust and set the proper temperature for your cooking, thanks to the mix of linear flow valves, 180-degree F, and Sensi-Touch control knobs. You can see the knobs more clearly because they are illuminated, making choosing the proper setting easy.

This grill, also among the top outdoor natural gas grills, has 805 square inches of cooking space, six burners, and 74,000 BTUs of power, giving it ample power to quickly prepare your steaks and ribs.

Even cooking is made possible by the stainless steel cooking grid's even heat distribution. Napoleon employs a double-walled cover to hold as much heat as possible, giving food that has been cooked thoroughly the feeling of being in an oven.

There are two additional cooking surfaces that you may use to produce a variety of dishes: an infrared side burner and a rear rotational burner. Both of these surfaces heat up incredibly quickly.

The 75,000 BTU burner may be utilized in heavy-duty applications and is composed of dependable cast stainless steel. A rotary oven and an infrared burner are also included.

The company employs what they term ReliaBull Technology, a grilling innovation that, in their words, uses flame regulators to minimize hot and cold spots while producing a more uniform cooking surface. As a result, heat distribution is 50% better.

This keeps the cooking rods heated continuously, but the heat is not spread equally—it is concentrated more towards the back. The shutters on the burner can be adjusted to correct this. However, accessing them requires removing the grill and the burner.

Meals are cooked more evenly on a heavy-duty cast iron cooking grid with outstanding heat retention capabilities. The cooking zone expands to 350 square inches when you include the warming rack and is large enough to grill a lot of meat, even though the burners' total cooking area is just 330 square inches.

When you turn on the grill, the Sure-Lite electronic ignition system instantly lights it up. The cooking box then heats up swiftly to reach the preset preheat temperature in a matter of minutes.

With the help of Flav-R-Wave technology, drips are transformed into vapors that flavor your meat (as well as other foods you grill) delectably.

The Genesis II S-310 Natural Gas Oven from Weber is made entirely of stainless steel. That is significant since it makes this grill more fuel-efficient.

The last few hamburgers can be cooked on the burner. Allow the remaining heat to do the work so you can reach the desired temperature.

This barbecue also includes a warming rack that measures 156 square inches. Although you might like a larger rack, you can rely on it to maintain the proper temperature for your food.

Yet the issue with this grill is that despite its high price, it needs to catch up in some respects.

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Are using natural gas ovens risky?

Is not. The requirement that natural gas grills be used outdoors only lowers the risk of fire because natural gas grills are safe to use. To make sure you always operate your grill in the safest manner possible, follow DOE-safe natural gas regulatory criteria.

Is it possible to switch propane ovens to natural gas?

Some kits can change your propane oven into a natural gas oven and vice versa, but the process is labour-intensive and should be carried out by an expert. Remember that switching your grill would void your warranty before taking this course. Given that your warranty could still last for many more years, you should consider purchasing a natural gas barbecue instead. Most barbecue types are available in natural gas and propane variants from several manufacturers.

Which grilling is fuel more affordable, propane or natural gas?

The cost of using natural gas ovens is lower. Natural gas is less expensive than propane and also costs you time and money to refill the tank. You need to be concerned about your monthly gas bill with a natural gas grill, which will be far less than what you would pay for a comparable amount of propane.


The Broil King Regal S590 is our top choice among the Best Outdoor Natural Gas Grills. Its best qualities include its robust design, outstanding material selection, and cutting-edge flavoring technology. Other intriguing characteristics have a large cooking zone, 5 burners, and a high BTU—lifetime warranty on sealed burners from the deal.

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